Anna, from Authentic Gaming


Are you ready for another attractive live 카지노사이트 vendor meeting? We know we are! Meet the Dealer: Introducing Anna from Authentic Gaming at Live Casino.

Join us today at the 27-year-old live casino site Recommended gambling club game Anna was introduced in Sicily, Italy. Currently located in Malta with her prospective spouse, she guides us at Authentic Gaming.

About Anna

Hello Anna. Welcome to Live Casino. Should we start by telling the table you’re working on? I announce it as XL, but sometimes it helps in other tables/shows we offer.

Thank you for working with Authentic Gaming?

Really, really do! When I started my job as a vendor, I honestly had to try it. In my past work, I was really troubled, I had to take responsibility for a lot of things, and I had trouble separating my work from my personal life.

I’ve been poked into transforming into a vendor before, but I’ve had no use for it. After one more support, we found out how we could land in that position. Currently, I’m a seller of Authentic Gaming and I really like it. This is really not the same as other tasks. Most other organizations tend to tire, but here are Blaze Live Roulette and XL Roulette.

The difference from the’ exemplary style ‘ roulette table is that you can discuss the game and take the player. I love talking to players rather than being private, whether through the camera or up close.

What is your precious Authentic Gaming Table/game?

Blast Live Roulette is ranked No. 1. Since then, it’s called XL Roulette. You can actually walk around this table, providing information and motivating players. Elevate these tables to a higher level. Why not XL Roulette? XL has a programmed roulette because I really jump when I have a chance to make a turn. It’s that small difference that made Blaze rank 1.

What did you do before you became a live seller at Authentic Gaming?

Before working at Authentic Gaming, I was also a vendor. In that organization, I was a vendor of blackjack and baccarat tables, but it was unique. There should only be an online Casino Review Classic vendor and you might think this is suitable for many players. But for individuals who like to visit a little, it tends to be a tired piece. Before that, he was the manager of the Life Partner Cafe. It was a great work, but in this situation it was harder to separate the work from the private life. Currently, there is no more that problem!

Live Casino


“I love standing in front of the camera and talking to the players.”

What are the main contents of the work?

How did you decide to become a live Gambling club seller?

Before I started filling with vendors, I was in charge. But as I said earlier, it was excessive work. I had to separate my private life from what I was working on. I knew one of the sellers and he warned me about writing as a seller. The real choice was a kind of bet for me. I wasn’t overly sure if I enjoyed the way it sounded, but I had to try it. I really like it now, so I made a decision!

How did you prepare to become a live 카지노사이트 seller and how long ago did you prepare?

When I started in my old organization, I said that the preparation period was 14 days. It was actually 5 days to prepare for all games and roulette. At the time I started Authentic Gaming, I obviously had a presentation. The procedure is basically similar, but in practice we differ in acting, for example. It’s important here.

What do you do mostly in performances?

I love standing in front of the camera and speaking clearly to the players. I had to join a ground club immediately because I love club games. But now I’m playing games and talking to players!

How do you think Live Club Vertical is changing the entire gambling club industry?

For certain individuals, I think the internet-based club world is superior to what is developing. Assuming that an individual has decided not to go to a ground club, at that point, for example, it has to do with how Internet games offer essentially similar encounters. However, individuals will still go to meet the air. It’s simply an alternative crowd.

What are the guidelines for individuals who are thinking of becoming a live seller?

It’s not right to make mistakes in front of the camera. For example, when you speak and leave your seat. It happens to all of us and sometimes opening our casino sites can be an interesting part for ourselves and players. What is more clear is that you should have the option to work at abnormal hours and the option to work alternately. It sounds basically, but it can be difficult for someone.

How can you get the opportunity to help you have fun in recreational time when you’re not participating as a live bender?

Because I usually like to take photos, taking a few pleasant 카지노사이트 photos can be seen as a leisure activity. But I haven’t done it for some time. Tell the truth. Nowadays I like to go to recreation centers to deal with my body and well-being.

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