2022-23 Champions League Group Stage Draw and Betting Predictions


The 2022/23 Champions League group stage draw is officially over. We now know the full group stage image as well as the entire group stage schedule. Online soccer bookmakers are working overtime today to get all their calculations and risk management procedures sorted out so they can start offering Champions League group stage betting lines. It’s standard practice, really, and it’s no surprise considering the sheer demand for Champions League betting markets.카지노사이트

We already have concrete Champions League group stage bets too. Lots of valuable options too, so let’s cut the intro short here and start analyzing!

2022 Champions League Group Stage Draw and Odds

Here’s a look at all eight groups:

Group A
Liverpool -360
Napoli +640
Ajax +650
Rangers +1400
Group B
Club Brugge +1200
Leverkusen +300
Madrid -111
Porto +302
Group C
Viktoria Plzen +10300
Bayern -170
Inter +620
Barcelona +180
Group D
Tottenham -200
Marseille +550
Frankfurt +550
Sporting +700
Group E
Chelsea -300
Salzburg +1000
AC Milan +333
Dinamo +5000
Group F
Real Madrid -500
Celtic +1400
Shakhtar +5000
RB Leipzig +500
Group G
Man City -550
Dortmund +620
Sevilla +1000
FC Kopenhagen +4400
Group H
PSG -250
Juventus +250
Haifa +15000
Benfica +1100

Champions League Group Stage Betting Predictions

The group of death is already quite obvious. It’s group C featuring three heavyweights and poor Viktoria Plzen who’ll be in an uphill struggle match in and match out.

Here’s our take on all eight 2022/23 Champions League group stage betting lines:

Group A Winner
Liverpool and Napoli are once again together in the group stage. The last time these two played together was back in 2019/2020 when Liverpool managed to finish on top in what was a tight ordeal from start to finish.

With all that in mind, there’s no need to go any deeper than this. Liverpool at -360 is the obvious choice here. Sure, you could go with Napoli to create an upset, but it’s not really going to happen, despite Liverpool’s poor start to the season.

As for Europa League battle, Ajax is not only the prime candidate for third place but is bound to complicate the fight for the playoffs too. If you’re a sucker for high-risk high-reward bets, Ajax to qualify for CL playoffs here could be a worthwhile investment.

But, if you prefer to play it safe, then Liverpool is the obvious choice here.

Group B Winner
Atletico Madrid is the favorite team in group B, but Porto and Bayer Leverkusen pose as mighty contenders. Even according to the biggest online soccer bookmakers, these two are within touching distance of Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid.

Well, if we’re judging by the start of Atletico Madrid’s season, they won’t just have a tough task on their hands in terms of winning their group but actually qualifying for the playoffs. They’re currently sitting on three points after two matches, that second-round loss to Villarreal was a pretty big upset. Simeone will have to sort his players out if he wants to qualify for the playoffs in what ought to be a tricky group.

Good news for the Argentinian strategist are coming from Germany where B. Leverkusen is yet to win a point in the Bundesliga. Three matches in, three straight losses. Things are not going well for Leverkusen right now.

Club Brugge is the definitive underdog and despite enjoying their football last season, I doubt they’ll make a statement in the Champions League. Considering the quality of all three of their group B opponents, I reckon they’ll finish fourth.

Group C Winner
Let’s address the elephant in the room right away – Viktoria Plzen will finish dead last here. The Czech boys have electric fans and create a mesmerizing atmosphere on their home ground… but the quality of their roster (or the lack thereof) is quite obvious and will result in them finishing last.

I’m not saying Viktoria is a bad team, but they’ve been placed in the group of death and there’s no way they’ll manage to get anything out of it.

As for betting on Champions League group stage futures, Barcelona and Bayern are the two teams you should choose from here. Inter is well and truly capable of creating an upset, but all things considered – the top spot will go down between Bayern and Barcelona.바카라사이트

If everything aligns properly, Inter could create an upset and qualify for the CL playoffs as the runner-up… if they manage to snatch points in Catalonia or Bavaria, that is. The odds on Inter to qualify from the group of death will be pretty high, so that’s what you should aim for if you love riskier stuff.

Group D Winner
Moving on with our Champions League group stage betting predictions, let’s focus our attention to group D. It features Tottenham, Marseille, Sporting and Eintracht Frankfurt. Four solid sides in a group that doesn’t have a single underdog.

Anything can happen in this group, really. All four teams will be in it right until the very last matchday. Marseille are a hefty bunch and the same goes for Sporting too. E. Frankfurt might not be at the same level they were last season, but they are still a formidable team who won’t back down without a fight… especially in such a prestigious competition.

If I were you, I’d stay away from group D. There’s not a single smart bet here so it’s best if we just move on to the next one.

Group E Winner
Moving on to group E, we have an interesting duo in Chelsea and AC Milan. Tuchel’s men are labeled as the favorites with -300, but Milan won’t give them much room to breathe once the first group stage matches kick off.

Milan’s Serie A start might seem poor with four points in two matches. But, the draw was against Atalanta away from home and that’s always a tricky encounter. Even though Milan lost Kessie and Romagnoli (among others), the fact that Rebić and Brahim Diaz have hit the ground running this season will provide a proper push for the Italian side here.

As for Chelsea, their Premier League start hasn’t been brilliant. Last weekend they lost to Leeds United 3:0 in what was an absolutely atrocious performance by their defensive line. Tuchel has a lot of work on his hands to try and fix things before the Champions League group stage kicks off.

Dinamo and Salzburg are going to be in a wicked race for the Europa League playoffs. Even though Salzburg are the on-paper favorites, I wouldn’t be surprised if Oršić and the Croats have another dark horse story rounded up for us.

Group F Winner
This is a group with some value hunting potential. Yes, Real Madrid are the favorites at -500, but I don’t think they’re the best choice here. Yes, I know their group is relatively easy, but RB Leipzig won’t mind an uphill struggle.

True, Leipzig are currently going through a series of poor Bundesliga results. After three fixtures, they’re sitting on just two points and things aren’t looking good for them. But, if they can be consistent enough against Shakhtar and Celtic, they could turn into a dark horse in group F. At +500, it’s worth a shot.

As for the Europa League battle, I actually fancy Shakhtar instead of Celtic. Shakhtar are merely a shell of their former selves… but they’re still a quality bunch that’s schooled to give their best every single minute on the pitch. That’s going to be the difference-maker in their quest to live through the UEFA winter and venture into Europa League territory.

Group G Winner
Group G is not going to be as straightforward as most people think. Even though Kopenhagen are the on-paper underdogs, knowing their tenacity and will to play against Europe’s best, they could easily steal points home.

Pep’s City is an absolute force of nature and seeing them fail to assert dominance in this group would be a shock. But, knowing their CL ups and downs, it’s not impossible.

Come to think of it, I fancy Sevilla more than Dortmund. Even though they’ve had a rough start in La Liga, they’re a quality team packed with experience across the pitch.

That experience could help them take second place and qualify for the playoffs.

That said, I’d avoid betting on the winner in group G. Instead, find yourself “Group G to qualify” options and go with Sevilla. The value will be there, that’s for sure!

Group H Winner
Group H features two super clubs, PSG and Juventus, so let’s start with them.

PSG are the bookies’ favorites, and why wouldn’t they be? Realistically, PSG should win group H comfortably and the odds perfectly reflect that. At the moment, PSG at -250 is the on-paper favorite here.

A brilliant palette of players including Neymar, Mbappe, and Messi coupled with at least two world-class players on virtually every position on the pitch. PSG’s Ligue 1 start has been superb. Three matchdays in and they’re the only team in the league with all 9 points and an unreal goal for/against ratio at 17:3.

That said, Juventus needs a proper miracle to contend for the top spot here. Even though they’ve had one of their best transfer windows in a while, Juventus seem to be level below PSG right now.

As for M. Haifa and Benfica, the third-place battle should be straightforward. M. Haifa qualified thanks to an own goal in the 90th minute of their return match in Beograd. They’re proper outsiders in this one and are likely going to be a mere stat booster for the aforementioned big boys.

Outright Winner Betting on 2022/23 Champions League

Odds for Champions League outright winner bets have been around for a couple of months already. They change all the time, all transfer window long, and reflect on what’s going on in the dynamic world of European soccer.

At the moment, here’s what you can expect in terms of the odds:

A deeper look into Champions League futures is available here. If you’re interested in CL outrights, that’s where you should go next.

As for our Champions League group stage draw and betting preview, we’re ready for the wrap-up!

Remember – the first set of group stage matches is scheduled for September 6th, which isn’t that far away. Most bookmakers will feature Champions League group stage betting lines up until September 6th noon. Make sure you get your wagers in at least a day before that!온라인카지노

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